Delivery area

We ship worldwide !

We are serviced by operators such as DHL, DPD, FedEx, UPS, National Post


Shipping cost

The category of  accessories include all our products, which are not bicycles, products send by National Post, shipping cost is dependent upon the weight:

After adding all your selected products to the cart, in the summary displays the cost of shipping.

Shipping operator Weight Cost
National Post to 5 kg  10.99 euro
National Post to 30 kg  15.99 euro
National Post bicycle  49.00 euro


Delivery time

D* - date of shipment

The following dates apply to economis shipments, it is possible also priority shippment (air shippment) then delivery time is reduced by more than half, this option is an additional fee if you want to choose it, please contact us

Country  Estimated delivery time
Austria D+7
Belgium D+7
Czech Republic D+7
Cyprus D+6~8
Denmark D+7
Estonia D+7
Finland D+7
France D+6~7
Greece D+6~7
Spain D+6~7
Netherlands D+8
Ireland D+8~11
Iceland D+7
Lithuania D+7
Luxembourg D+8
Latvia D+7
Malta D+7
Germany D+7
Norway D+7
Portugal D+7~8
Russia D+9~17
Slovenia D+8
Slovakia D+7
Switzerland D+7~8
Sweden D+7
Ukraine D+8~10
Hungary D+8
Great Britain D+7~9
Italy D+6~7
other countries D+7~9
USA 5 – 7 weeks (via see)
Canada 4 – 7 weeks (via see)
Mexico D+20
Egypt D+17
Kenya D+21
Morocco D+19
South Africa D+16
Tunisia D+18
Zambia D+21~24
other countries D+20~24
Argentina D+17
Bolivia D+18
Brazil D+19
Chile D+14
Peru D+23
other countries and territories D+18~21
China D+9~11
Indonesia D+19
Japan D+18~20
Thailand D+19
Vietnam D+20
other countries and territories D+18~21
Australia 6 – 8 weeks (via see)
New Zealand 6 – 8 weeks (via see)
other countrier and territories 6 – 8 weeks


We make every effort to ensure that our packages are best protected, use the cardboard boxes, plastic and polystyrene (choice of protection depends on the product sent.  We also care about the environment, using recycled packaging materials.

Bicycles are shipped in bicycle cardbords, with separate secure the steering wheel, seat and pedals, so that we make sure that in case of proper delivery of the bike will be delivered without any damage. All our bikes we send insured for full value of the bike, so it is important to accurately check the package in the presence of a courier or a cardboard box and the bike did not have any damage.

If the consignment in any doubt, ask the courier to draw up a report of the damage and keep the carton in case of a possible return.






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